We use only the finest fibres in our textiles
You can choose from a great selection of premium, exotic fibres - such as alpaca, baby camel, angora, and more - combined with high quality blended raw materials. All of this comes together to create unique and expertly crafted fibre products.

We offer unique, personal pieces

Every effort is used in order to create something that is truly special and unique for you. We use tried and tested suppliers from the UK mainland when it comes to sourcing our fibre raw materials. For added quality, traditional methods are using in the production of any home-spun yarns.

Using some of the most exquisite fibres found around the globe, you can choose from a wide range of beautiful fibre products that not only look great but feel absolutely amazing too.

From cashmere wraps  to alpaca scarves, like all our materials, our fibres are of the highest quality ensuring your finished product is made to last.

No matter what you purchase from our collection, you can be assured you will be owning a uniquely personal piece of Shetland. If you would like to discuss any bespoke orders then contact us today.

Examples of fibres used

- Alpaca
- Cashmere
- Baby camel
- Cotton
- Bamboo
- Angora

Luxury fibre products

Amongst our products we offer,

- A range of alpaca, silk & cashmere products
- Baby alpaca scarves
- Baby camel & silk scarves / wraps
- Cashmere wraps

Wide selection of bespoke fibre products to choose from
Whether you are looking for stylish alpaca scarves or warm and cosy cashmere wraps, JuSt Shetland welcomes any commissions that you may wish to have created. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us today.



Customer Comment

"Thank you so much for allowing us to "invade" your lovely home and workshop. So much beautiful stuff on display to see, and better still, to feel! Gorgeous."


Happy customer