Stylish silks for textiles in Shetland.

For delightful silk articles that exploit all the wonderful properties of pure silk, contact us at JuSt Shetland today. Our hand-woven silk products can be created in a range of designs, so as to match your specific requirements.

Our silk products are designed to exploit the natural properties of silk, in particular,
- Graceful movement
- Elegant flow
- Luxurious sheen and handle
- Warm in winter, cool in summer


Combine your choice of silks with our other materials
As well as 100% pure silk products, you can have bespoke silk products created that incorporate our wools or fibres as well. For more details, contact us today.


Customer Comment

"And here I've saved my favourite till last. Julia and her husband spend their days hand spinning, dyeing and weaving their beautiful shawls. Using a mixture of shetland wool and silk these pieces have the quality of treasured heirlooms. Recently Julia has been taking lace making lessons and finishing the edges of her silk shawls with this technique. She started mainly because someone told her it couldn't be done but as you can see, it can and has to beautiful effect."

Textile Designer


From raw silk to a finished product in pictures

Starting with the pictures at the top left and moving in a counter clockwise direction we show,

~ Raw silk after commercial processing
~ Hand dyed and prepared for spinning
~ On the bobbin of the spinning wheel
~ The hand dyed and hand spun yarn
~ The final hand knitted piece