Luxurious wool for luxurious products

When you choose to purchase any of the woollen products offered by JuSt Shetland, you can do so safe in the knowledge that all of our textiles are crafted using wools of the absolute highest quality.

Only the finest quality of wool
To ensure that you receive the very best products, the wool that we use is sourced from trusted local crofters or our local wool broker, or from tried and tested suppliers from the UK mainland.

Examples of wool used

- Shetland
- Bluefaced Leicester
- Wensleydale
- Merino
- Polwarth


Need advice about which wool would be best for you?

From Shetland for its beautiful, natural colours; Bluefaced Leicester, for its warmth, softness, lustre and loft; Wensleydale, for sheen, weight and drape; or Merino, for softness, we'll happily provide advice about our woollen products to help you find what you're looking for.


‘A comment from one of our visitors’.

"On our drive back to Lerwick we called by Just Shetland to meet Julia and Stephen Downing. Inside their house we found loom after loom, all set up with a variety of yarns including silk and wool. Julia and Stephen weave a range of products including luxurious scarves and shawls, all  beautifully hand finished.

Shielagh Tacey - shielagh.com/blog 

Our first loom - a Harris Maxwell, built in 1974